It goes without saying, there are now vast areas of exploration available for the avid student of life both from recorded sources and personal experiences. The information presented here explores some of my musings and merely serves as an introduction and a summary of some of the areas we may explore together in this work. It also provides some of the frameworks that assist with integrating your sessions.

Freesia, yumm! All about feelings.

Emotional Patterns and Repeating Behaviors - The addiction to recreating childhood hurts in order to fix them. The nature of love. The longing for emotional fulfillment. How we buy love. Demands and their source. Rejecting current time love. How do we learn to love freely? Guided healing. Changing the past and our story. Natural Growth. Feeling free now.

Freesia, old fashioned perfume, sexy flowers.

Session Care - Emotional, physical and spiritual care before and after sessions. Pre-session Jitters. Intentions. Integration. Practice.

Biomembering ~ Our Relationship with Life - The primal separation. Eco-psychology - Emerging psychology, ecology and spirituality. Industrial psychology - learning business from Nature. Terrapsychology - the soul of place. The loving response.

Freesia, golden nectar of consciousness.

What is Consciousness? - What is it? What are expanded states? How does the exploration of consciousness effect healing and personal growth?

Brainwaves - The science of non ordinary, expanded states of consciousness.

Freesias, the scent of joy in the spring time, like birth.

Birth:The Primal Imprint - The impact of birth on love, relationships, health and the spiritual life. Conscious conception and conscious birth. Birthing practices. Creation of bonding patterns. Sexuality. Vanishing twin syndrome. Process of growth. Our birthright.

Rebirth:The Journey of Awakening - What happens as we rebirth ourselves? How do we remember? Who am I and Why I here? Processes of change. Mature Self as the guide. Human potential.

Death, Dying and Beyond - The wake-up call. Life and Death. Remembering the original patterns. Loss.The faces of death. My stories: Pets as teachers and death of a parent. Learning from death. Joy.

Dreams and Nightmares - Unlimited possibilities. Interpretations. Lucid dreaming. Waking up screaming. Relationships.