July 7, 2017

I am so grateful for all we have shared and who we have become to each other.
I want to express my gratitude and celebrate our community as I turn 60 with an introverts party!

With extraordinary beauty, meditations, quiet sharing spaces, a fabulous feast, great hilarity and
lots of dancing, magical music with Donna De Lory and the best of company!
Our very special guest will be Terry Johnson, the Celestial Navigator.

FRIDAY 7 / 7 / 2017

Arrivals anytime


7am ~ Yoga & meditation, morning drinks
8am ~ Breakfast

All arrivals before 9.30am

clean up

before 11am

10am ~ Terry Johnson, blessing & sharing perspectives
12pm ~ Roast of the work & community performances
1pm ~ Feast

Optional Dinner
Ekstrom's Restaurant

3pm ~ Dancing & communion with Donna De Lory
4.30pm ~ Afternoon tea
3pm ~ More dancing with Donna De Lory
7pm ~ Closing


“We, unaccustomed to courage, exiles from delight, live coiled in shells of loneliness
until love leaves its high holy temple and comes into our sight
to liberate us into life.

Love arrives and in its train come ecstasies, old memories of pleasure, ancient histories of pain.
Yet if we are bold, love strikes away
the chains of fear from our souls.

We are weaned from our timidity in the flush of love's light, we dare to be brave.
And suddenly we see that love costs all we are and will ever be.
Yet it is only love which sets us free.”

~ Maya Angelou

July 8 - 13, 2017


Reservation Information
Accommodation Information


Retreat arrivals
before 12pm
Group Integration
11am - 1pm
before 11am
1 - 3pm
1 - 3pm
1 - 3pm
(no lunch
at the ranch)
Group Integration
2- 6pm
Breathwork begins 4pm Ritual begins 4pm Ritual begins 4pm Mentoring
4 - 6pm
Celebration Dinner

For the past few years, there has been a growing wait list for the Montana retreat and it fills up 6 months in advance, even before it is advertised. So we are moving to northwest Montana, near Missoula, to allow us to expand and fully celebrate our community together. You are welcome to join the special community event before the retreat or attend just the retreat. Click here to see the approximate location on a Google map.

~Our Retreat Center    


The Retreat Center is home to a fellow breathworker and guide, photographer and healer. It is just 20 minutes from the Missoula airport, along paved roads, in the mountains between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. The property is nestled between the junction of two rivers and the mountains of Lolo National Forest. The confluence of the mountains with the rivers creates a wonderful feeling of harmony, welcoming us to come together and come Home. Further information about the location will be provided upon booking.

    ~ The Lodge

Features an atrium with 30' x 25' solid wood floor and a large sunken platform for meditation with koi pond and waterfall. The windows open out to tall pines and the western skyline.  Built with timbers from the property and flat rock, the tall cathedral ceiling creates the feeling of sanctuary. There is radiant heat and a wood burning stove, breathwork compatible surround sound system, mats and cushions, craft corner, large flat screen TV & Wi-Fi.

~ The Atrium   



The lodge has wrap around decks with lounge chairs to enjoy the sunset. There is a 60’ outdoor stadium in the round with raised platform stage and a barn where we will hold our celebration event. The ranch has a private 18 hole disc golf course, ample hiking/biking trails and access to the water. There a a hot tub and traditional style sweat house. Local wildlife includes bears, elk, foxes, bobcats and deer, and lots of birds.

    ~  Meditation pool

We have all been dancing the dualities, watching events unfold in an extreme way in our world. It is easy to fear, easy to use fear as power over others and ourselves. It keeps us separate. The choice now is to learn how to create freedom within the limitations that are real, to experience the freedom of Love and practice the art of choice. Now it's time to weave ourselves together and remember what it feels like to be in Unity.
For a full description of the retreat container, please read Intensive Group Retreats.

~ Sweat House    



For those who are training as facilitators in the work, or anyone who wants to understand the work more deeply, this retreat offers an opportunity to be mentored by Namae. For those who are ready to apprentice with Namae (people who have been mentored for several years), this retreat offers new opportunities to offer service in whatever way will best support our mutual evolution. Read more about the mentoring process here.

    ~  Tipi

Arrival for the retreat is anytime before 12pm on July 8, 2017 and official check out time from the retreat center is before 11AM on Thursday July 13. The retreat center has space available for an extra night only before the retreat, as do most of the cabins in the valley.
The closest airport is Missoula which is 20 minutes away, Helena is 1&1/2 hours. It's all sealed roads so you can rent any kind of vehicle or arrange for a shuttle/taxi. Airport Shuttle: (406) 543-9416 or (406) 880-7433. Missoula Green Taxi: (406) 728-8294. Yellow Cab (406) 543-6644. Other options at Summer is peak season in Montana so book your flights and cars early.

~ Birches      



As we will have a large group for the celebration and then the retreat group, everyone will select the accommodations that best suits them and either contact Allie. We have rooms at the Ranch, 4 glamping sites (glamorous camping), space for BYO camping and a cabin across the street that have been reserved just for retreat participants. We have also reserved a bunch of vacation cabins within a few miles of the Ranch. If you want privacy, you will need to find an AirB&B, guest house or stay in our reserved hotel in town or BYO camp.

Please check out the JULY 2017 ACCOMMODATIONS page for all details.   ~  Glamping


Our special event will be locally catered using all organic, local produce. Tara and Ali (L) will join us again with their delicious food preparation for the retreat using locally grown organic produce and MT grass fed beef. We have outdoor BBQ and grills. The menu is designed to complement our experience and is infused with love and care. If you have any allergies or are vegetarian, please advise again upon booking, even if you have attended past retreats. If you arrive early or stay after the retreat, you will need to supply your own food. All the cabins have kitchens and the glamping sites have small stoves.

~ Our Kitchen      


IMPORTANT: The retreat is designed to awaken your natural consciousness and open your sensitivity to others and the environment. It is strongly suggested you refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol and taking any altering substances during the retreat. There is to be no alcohol on the Ranch property. Please skip the garlic and lingering odoriferous foods. Bring your usual vitamins and mineral supplements, gingers and electrolyte replenisher, any allergy treatments and inhaler if you have had any history of asthma.

    ~  Rock Creek

The ranch is about 3,500 feet above sea level; temperatures can range from 50 to 100 degrees. The weather in mid July is usually sunny and hot, sometimes windy or cloudy and usually warm at night. Read the Session Care Page before you come. Pack light, include a light rain jacket, bring a great moisturizer and the essential sunscreen, light walking shoes (no boots required), comfortable layered clothing, bathing suit if you prefer, flashlight, non-glass water bottle and your usual supplies for sessions, including a journal.

~ Fly Fishing         



In consideration of other people, please use UNSCENTED toiletries and especially the bug spray and hair products (bugs love perfumes). Sleep herbs, muscle soothing cream and ear plugs are recommended. If you are on ANY medications or you're receiving treatment for ANY physical or emotional conditions, please let me know well before the retreat.

    ~Rock Creek Wilderness

You are encouraged to let go of work and outside commitments and use the mornings to relax, regenerate, and deepen your self care practices as an integral part of the retreat.
Unplugging from the demands of emails opens greater access to the Silence. Tuesday, July 11th will be a dedicated open day so you can explore this beautiful region of Montana, integrate more fully and catch up with emails then if you have to.

There are so many recreational experiences available within an hour's drive of the ranch.

~ 1,000 Buddhas      


Visit the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas and the National Bison Range and Oasis Hot Springs. You can do a white water float trip through the Alberton Gorge (class 3-5 rapids), drive up river and jump in with an inner tube and float back to the Ranch or go hang out in cute downtown of Missoula; stay in the Rock Creek Wilderness Area and head over the swinging bridge into the trailhead; go fly fishing or trail ride. There's also Garnett, the historic gold/ghost town 30 miles along the scenic Blackfoot River or you can go dig for sapphires. To go horse riding, you must book at least a week in advance. Jeff Freeman 406-544-5249, offers from 1 hr to all day and dinner trail rides.

    ~ Missoula



Barb Holliday
, will be available for bodywork before and during the retreat. If you wish to book a session with her, please contact her directly. She usually books up during the retreat so book early. Tara, our dakini of nourishment will be on hand to share her nutrition wisdom, with items for sale, and is also available for her unique yoga sessions and support with energy issues. Candice will be available for a limited number of sessions.

Terry Johnson will be available from July 6 - 13 to do readings in person. Please contact Phyllis for pricing and to book.

~Bison refuge      



Please contact Allie to find out if a space might become available and obtain the address to send your $222 non-refundable booking deposit. Once your deposit is received, your space will be confirmed.


    ~ Rock Creek

Make checks payable to Conscious Ways, write "Summer Retreat" in the memo section of the check and send it to the address provided to you by Allie.

If you have already expressed an interest in attending the retreat, please reconfirm with Allie and let her know if you will be coming to the community celebration.

A limited number of work scholarships based on donations will be available to assist during the two events. If you wish to support our community through CWays Home, our 501(c)(3), please contact Allie.

If you need to cancel after May 17, 2017, we will do our best to fill your spot with someone from the wait list if there is one, and refund whatever monies you have paid, minus the initial $222 deposit. There are no guarantees that your place will be filled so you may lose all your payment as we need to make full payment to the ranch at that time. Cancellations due to weather are fully refunded. There will be no refunds if you leave before the retreat ends. Wherever possible, we will do whatever we can to ease your journey.

~Sunset from the deck



May the Being of the Universe breathe into you
the light of blessing and ripeness, the fulfillment of health and balance.

May it protect you from distractions brittle and bent
with a sphere of lucid fire.

May it enlighten the heart of your passion
with the contemplation of living energy.

May it uncover the hidden strength within you,
insight gathered from the eternal now.

and May it show you its face of secret grace and silent refuge
in a communion of deep peace.
                                                   ~ from the Qumran (Dead Sea)




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