Sacred Intimate for the Sentient Seeker. Life Force Educator. Dakini. Eros Artist.


Candice’s wise style of guidance is heart felt and playful, both provocative and permissive. Using finely tuned listening and empathic skills, she creates a safe, liberated field where you can comfortably connect with your essential life force, sexual energy, creativity and core wisdom.

In addition to leading workshops, Candice works with individuals all over the country to develop their sexual literacy and life force mastery. Her phone sessions are expanding her intimate influence to a global audience.



From Candice May, 2018:

"Spring has finally sprung in Upstate New York and it’s mating season! I have been feeling to write a letter to the community to give voice to my commitments to you and to announce the next structure and format I am bringing to to table! It is juicy and has been incredibly impactful for the early attendees willing to experiment in this terrain with me. 

I am feeling called to launch cyclical intensive weekend retreats, starting on the east coast in the spring and fall months. I am open to creating small intensives beyond the east coast. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to bring this healing to your local community. 

I am putting on offer an opportunity to work with me in small, incremental doses so that you can take these experiences and integrate them back into your life with ease.This is my current solution to the growing need in our community for sexual health seminars that blend the shamanic pathways that we have come to love, with the sacred intimate and sexual maps that I am graced with. 

With the birth of CWays Home, our community non-profit, it has become clear that it is time for me to step into more responsibility for creating environments and spaces where we may move into the new paradigm of sexual health that wants to be birthed onto this planet through our lives.

It is my great good fortune to carry fourth and accentuate the feminine pathways of relationship, care and community that we have all come to experience through the Namae lineage. I am committed to this level of care and am acutely aware of what is required of me to bridge us into healthy, new, conscious ways of being with our hearts, bodies, language, intimacies, and sexuality.

I have been learning how to combine sexual healing experiences with the shamanic domain. The structure and care required to produce groups of this nature requires more attentiveness to detail than either of these modalities on their own. I am structuring this weekend to build safety, intimacy and community. The content of this weekend will build on itself. " 

Facilitating a diverse range of clients through the transformational pyre has earned her a respected place in the intimate lives of her communities. Couples and singles who are in various stages of spiritual maturity and awakening seek her council and guidance. Living proof that early childhood trauma and sexual adversity is not a permanent life sentence, Candice’s personal odyssey spans 20 years of diving deep into herself and coming back to those she serves with the jewels. Part of the medicine she serves up is the wisdom earned through experience. Mining her advanced training and personal experience for gold, she continues to discard outmoded conditioning and suffering, serving to create a body of work that inspires bliss body transformations. Her life-long apprenticeships with teachers on the forefront of consciousness and sex positive revival, keeps her finger on the pulse of where the ancient meets innovation in healing.

Her diverse skill set bridges the worlds of integral shamanic evolution and sacred sexuality to create potent, empowering experiences for modern people to apply back in their lives. A keen seer of human potential, Candice works with you to weave your transformational healing journey to wholeness, empowerment and vital enlivenment.


These sessions are guided quite organically based on the current content of your life. The power of truth telling in a safe, permissive, sex-positive, liberated field frees up energy to get to the creative solutions of active healing and life style enhancement. Creating a life of beauty and self-care, we explore creative solutions together to enhance your intimate life, relationships, creativity, nutrition, exercise regimen, and communication. How you can best serve the Sacred Flame inside you with more awareness, authenticity, transparency and devotion? How can you build more pleasure into your daily life?

   ~ YinYang
We will explore your life and issues from this vantage point. We will explore your pain body and bliss body dynamics and come up with solutions for stoking the fires of your bliss.
90 Minutes: $300.00/ 2 Hours: $400.00

Practice with me, is practice for your life. I guide you into a deep expanded state using your own life force to activate and inspire your physical vitality. These sessions are intended to develop awareness of yourself without a lover. Enhance your creative imagination and human potential, relish in permissive, high level guidance that will broaden your relationship and understanding of your sexual abilities. I invite you to become an expert lover for yourself and your beloveds.
90 Minutes: $300.00/ 2 Hours: $400.00/
Longer sessions can be scheduled for advanced students or for those going deep into creative process.

~Heart of a Rose


This can take many forms with me. Hands on Physical Training, Sexual Energetics, Guided Study and Mental Development, Deep Listening Skills and Communication Styles to Facilitate clients from diverse backgrounds can be covered. Most important to a sustainable sexual healing practice is your own personal healing and personal pleasure practices. Attending to your own sexual healing and your own personal sexual life are keys to facilitating other humans.

Self-care modules, personal empowerment, advanced skills training and perceptive abilities will draw out your unique gifts and talents. Fees are to be discussed and determined by the content, intent and learning desired. If you are already working with others in this capacity, debriefing with me and consulting me on your practice can quickly aid your blossoming. I can give you a place to do your inner work, stay up on your current growth edge, expand your professional capacity, maintain your enthusiasm for your work and inspire creative ideas on how to enhance your life and the life of your seekers.
Fee: To be discussed.


Hands on healing sessions are intended to give your body and nervous system new experiences of deep, sensual feeling and educated mastery of bliss body enlivenment. These sessions are healing opportunities for those who want a safe environment to begin to experience eros and oragsmia with an intuitive, respectful, educated guide. These sessions are a great way to learn, though experience, how to intimately connect first with oneself and then connect more deeply with another.

~ Stamen & Style)

I create these sessions for each individual I work with dynamically, intuiting where healing is needed and where potential resides.

These kinds of sessions are only available to those who have previously worked with me in my Sacred Intimacy Practice or for those who are attending a group intensive with me. (See phone sessions above) Pre-requisite for any hands on healing work: 2 Guided Sexual Energy Session with me to lay a foundation.

Individuals: $500. for 2 Hour Energy Healing and Guidance
Longer healings are possible in two hour increments, with breaks in between sets.

Couples: $200 per person/ per hour. (2 Hours is the Minimum Session I offer for Couples. Longer sessions are possible for those wanting to expand and go deeper.) I generally prefer to work with each person solo before we engage in a joint couples session. There are exceptions to this situationally.

*Hands on healing sessions are intended to give you experiences of deep embodied healing and bliss body enlivenment. These sessions are not mutual. Please respect my boundaries and receive the gift of my expert, energetic guidance into your own being. "

These intensives are for people who want to go deep into healing with me in the privacy of their own environment. I design and co-create mini intensives for you and/ or your spouse in your home, vacation spot or private retreat space. We can weave together a variety of experiences from shamanic work to sexual healing work, over a series of days specific to your intent and desired growth.

~Geranium Center


Typically these intensives range from 3-7 days in length with 4-8 hours of time with me spaced and paced in a slow, easeful way. This is a great way to work with me if you would like to experience shamanic healing work and sexual healing work over a span of time.
*Fees to be Negotiated Based on Time, Travel, Experience and Content

WITH HERAL SUPPLEMENTS. Groups: $400.00 per person (4-6 person group minimum and 12 people maximum, depending on our location)
Scholarships, Trade and Mentoring within certain groups may be discussed.

WITH HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS: Individual: $2500.00*

    ~ Rose Bud

*(Pre and Post Session Support Equivalent to 2 hours is implied in my fee structure for Private Shamanic Sessions)