with Candice
May 18 - 20, 2018~ $1,000*

June 15 - 17, 2018 ~ $1,000*


“If you cannot face directly into your sexuality,
you will never discover your true spirituality.
Your earthly spirit leads to discovering your heavenly spirit.
Look at what created you to discover what will immortalize you."
-Hsi Lai

*Price includes ~ 2 nights accommodations, all meals,
classes & 2 ceremonies, integration
+ post group iife Integration via Zoom Call for inspiration/ grounding
& support back into your life.

In addition there is $50/day land use fee.

NOTE: Namae will not be in attendance at these retreats.
The weekends are not open for single night attendances.

All enquiries, contact Candice

Session begins

Session begins

10am - 12pm


This is a two day intensives are structured in a way that activates energetic bliss in the body first. The focus will be about developing a deep relationship with yourself as the primary step. You do not have to have a partner to attend. Couples are welcome. Men and women of diverse sexual orientations are welcome. These gatherings will be beginner level and will be limited to 7 participants so that we can have a co-creative platform to play, speak and open organically to the mystery where love and sex meet inside ourselves. 

What if every orgasm or climax that you have experienced in your life was a hotline to your highest nature? 

Orgasmia is a state of being which may be cultivated with practice.  Can you feel it coursing through your veins, pumping your life force through your body with each stroke of your experience? 

The French call climax, "the little death." Climax is the end of the story. And life beginning.

The orgasmic state is a natural, altered state of consciousness, when cultivated and explored intentionally attunes us to the frequency of whatever made us. 

Orgasmia is a physical, spiritual, state of being that connects us to our Divinity and our vitality. 

Through physical love-in-the making, we have the opportunity to heal and reconnect with our essential essence fulfilling this ancient edict,”know thyself.”  
I am calling this full vessel sexuality because we fill our energetic wells through sacred technologies that reconnect us to earth energies and build a body and nervous system that is full of generated bliss.

One definition of healing is moving from the path of destruction onto the path of construction. These mini intensives are the beginning of earthing this foundation within yourself through energetic, physical and relational experience. Together, we are pioneering this evolution in sexual consciousness. 

 The intention of these retreats:
1) heal as defined above
2) work with sacred sexual technologies that cultivate the bliss body
3) birth a new language around sexuality and our bodies that is pro-reverent
4) play with sexuality and life force from the deep energetic standpoint
5) explore the power of sexual stories that inspire a new universe and sexual world view 
6) grow our skills as love artists 
7) learn life force mastery and management skills that aid us in maintaining our vitality
8) sexual communication skills from the heart
9) explore how we integrate theses awakenings in our lives with our lovers and beloveds
10) and everything else i have forgotten to include here that will show up as we begin this odyssey.

If you have attended the Sacred Sexuality Intensives with Namae and Candice in the past, there will be in new content and deepening content that we have already explored. Along with Candice's beloved student and co facilitator in training, Michael Allen, Candice's intention of these groups is to create a safe, on going intentional, supportive community of seekers who are committed to birthing a new story where sex, love and intimacy can flourish through us and into our lives.

Read on for a little bit of philosophy to whet your appetite. 

Nearest Airport is Albany, NY which is one hour away. The large cabin in the woods near Saugerties, NY, has 6 bedrooms upstairs. You can also sleep in the temple space.There is 1 bathroom. There are a number of lovely AirB&B's very close by if you prefer privacy or if you are having a session with Candice before the retreat.

~Heart of a Rose

All meals will be lovingly catered using local seasonal organic produce. The menu is designed to supplement and compliment the experience. If you have any allergies or special dietary needs, please advise upon booking. Please skip the garlic before you arrive and BYO supplements and personal food requirements.
The retreat is designed to awaken your senses and open your sensitivity to others and the environment. It is strongly suggested you refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol and taking any altering substances during the retreat.

~ Stamen & Style

Pack light, include a warm wind/rain jacket, bring light walking shoes, comfortable layered clothing and your usual supplies for sessions, including a journal. Everything will be provided to make your nest.

In consideration of other people, please use unscented fabric softener, toiletries (especially hair products) and avoid all perfumes.

~Geranium Center


Bring only the recommended sleep aides. Ear plugs are great if you are sharing a sleeping space. BYO supplements, especially magnesium and electrolyte replenisher. Internet and Cell reception is available. The nearest store is 10 mins away. No burnable candles.

If you are on ANY medications or you're receiving treatment for ANY physical or emotional conditions, please let Candice know well before the retreat. Please also advise if you have been working with other practitioners recently.

Candice will be available for private sessions only before the Intensive. Private Sessions immediately after the intensive will not be available. Please contact her to schedule time to talk with her.

Please see Candice's bio and session description here
. She is available via phone and in person for sessions.

  ~ Rose Bud

* Price includes 2 nights accommodation, all meals, classes, 2 ceremonies and integration; excludes transport and any additional accommodation costs. $50/night land fee payable to Michael Allen Please e-mail Candice to get confirmation of your space and obtain the address to send your deposit. Payment available by cash, Pay Pal or Venmo. Payment plans are available. A 50% deposit is required to secure your spot. Please contact Candice to schedule a connection call 415-407-0018.

The initial deposit is non-refundable, with the exception of sudden cancellations due to weather. There will be no refunds if you choose to leave during the retreat. Wherever possible, we will do what we can to ease your journey.
 ~ Moth Orchid 

"Tantra is not technique but a prayer.
Is not head oriented but a relaxation into the heart.
Love is surrender.”
— Osho


“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive;
and to do so with some passion,
  some compassion,
some humor and
some style.”

— Maya Angelou


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