Plainfield, MA
*Date to be announced*


Prices include accommodations, meals, 2 breathwork sessions for each person,
a full day of integration and breakfast on the last day.
Prices DO NOT include any transportation or personal snacks.

(There are no provisions for post retreat accommodations.)

To reserve a space, contact Allie as soon as possible to confirm your space.
When you have received your confirmation e-mail from her,
then send your $222 non-refundable deposit to the address provided to you by her.

Deposits are due TBD
Please see cancellation policy below

For full description read Intensive Group Retreats.

11am - 1pm
11am - 1pm
9.30am - 1pm
11am - 1pm
Departures by 11am
2 - 6pm

2 - 6pm

2 - 5.30pm

2 - 6pm

Arrival after 6pm Integration
7 - 8pm
7 - 8pm
7 - 8pm
Integration Dinner 7pm  

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This retreat is open to anyone who meets the assessment requirements and is interested in exploring deep states of consciousness that lead to greater wholeness. The process opens each person's psyche to the most relevant experiences that will lead you into more acceptance of yourself and others, greater understanding of the nature of consciousness and gratitude for the Mystery of Life. For more information about the process see the Breathwork page.

 ~ Retreat House
We will breathe in the vibrant air of the mountains of Western Massachusetts, in Nine Mountain Retreathttps://ninemountain.com located in the beautiful Berkshire hills. An hour and a half from Albany airport, 2 hours from Boston and 3 hours from NYC. This spacious 3 story house on 45 acres was designed for holotropic breathwork retreats so we have complete freedom of expression. See the video here. It is owned by a cooperative of conscious people and the energy there is very comforting and clean. See here for directions.
~ Session Space  

The design of the house allows space for everyone to get what they need. We have a very large landscaped lawn to meditate outside, hot tub, big decks off our session space, beautiful gardens and wilderness forest in all directions. The natural beauty is an invitation to be outside as much as the weather allows.

The huge old style kitchen is well equipped and well-designed for cooking large group meals.

   ~ Sitting Room

Accommodations in the house will be all shared rooms, sleeping up to 26 people.

  • 4 double bedrooms
  • 3 bunk rooms
  • 3 full bathrooms, two with communal showers plus outdoor showe
  • Hot tub and there is a sauna nearby.
  • Wireless Internet is provided but cell phone reception is unreliable.
  • There is plenty of room for everyone so choose your bed when you arrive.
~Bunk Bedroom  

All meals will be lovingly prepared by experienced people, using local seasonal organic produce. The menu is designed to supplement and compliment breathwork. You will be served nourishing comfort food snacks after each breath session. At the end of the retreat, we need to leave by 11am so there is only breakfast on the last day (June 17th). If you have any allergies or special dietary needs, please advise upon booking.

   ~ Dining Room

Read the breathwork page again before you come. Pack light.

  • Your own set of single sheets, pillow, blanket and hand towel to make your nest - single trifold mats are provided
  • Journal and art supplies for mandala drawing (See Breathwork)
 ~Great Room  

  • Flashlight, unbreakable lidded water bottle
  • Supplements or medications if you take them.
  • Inhaler if you have ever had asthma
  • "Calm" or other muscle relaxing herbs like valerian, camomile or muscle soothing rub
  • EAR PLUGS! and any sleep aides you might need
  • Epsom salts if you wish to have a bath (there is a hot tub)
  • If you are prone to headaches, a light pain medication
  • Mouthwash
  • Unscented deoderant and toiletries, especially unscented hair products and lotions
  • - and skip the garlic and strongly odiferious foods before you arrive
  • Wind/rain jacket, light walking shoes, comfortable layered clothing

If you are on ANY medications or you're receiving treatment for any physical or emotional condition, please let me know before the retreat. Given the depth and sensitivity of experiences. it is also recommended there be no smoking, drinking alcohol or use of any other mind or emotionally altering substances immediately before, during or after sessions.

Deposits are due by TBD. Please e-mail Allie to get confirmation of your space BEFORE sending in your deposit. Make checks payable to Conscious Ways and write "Breathwork retreat" in the memo section of the check.

Final payment is due on TBD. Payment plans are available for those who may need them. Feel free to donate funds to make scholarships available to other attendees.

If you need to cancel after TBD, we will do our best to try to fill your spot with someone from the wait list and refund whatever monies you have paid, minus the initial $222 deposit. However, there are no guarantees that your place will be filld so you may lose your payment. There will be no refunds if you choose to leave during the retreat. Wherever possible, we will do what we can to ease your journey.
     ~Baby's Breath

"Every day,

every minute,

every breath,

is a gift:"

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