Most all of my work is through personal recommendations. I do not organize groups but respond to invitations where people want to gather themselves.

It takes experience to understand the unique foundation of my work in a way that can be successfully transmitted to new people and those who have be working with other 'simila' facillitators. It is beneficial for people new to the work to have a few sessions with me, before they invite in others. This creates a far more effective kind of invitation than if folks try to get others to join in from a place of initial enthusiasm. As people grow and change, they demonstrate and apply their new consciousness in life, they create a field of love and transformation around them that awakens curiosity amongst those who witness their growth.

For the safety and integrity of all concerned, I ask my existing clients to assume a role in caring for those they introduce by becoming sponsors. This encourages people to extend their own awareness by assuming a role of service. As we all share in the responsibility of caring for others in this context, it supports the building of relationships in community and the maintainance of a beautiful, safe container.

As a sponsor, your role is to

  • be present to the ones you are introducing during their initial sessions, helping with general logistics and introductions.
  • Explain the factors that make the container safe – limiting smoking and alcohol, not using any substances, issues around sexuality, confidentiality and dedicated focus to the inner landscapes.
  • Consciously assist them with their integration afterwards if they need it.
  • Encourage them to arrange phone sessions with me if the sponsor feels it necessary.
  • Check back in with them between sessions to feel how their integration practices are working.

I have limits about how many people I wish to hold and stay balanced within myself. These limits breathe. I appreciate the gravity of what we are doing and at times I will allow for contractions and reduce my workload. As I change and take care of myself, so does the work I do, the way I do it and the structure of my schedule alters. There are no rules about this. I believe in we all need to learn to change in response to change!

As of January 2020, I will no longer be taking on new clients who are deeply affected by severe trauma. I am happy to keep working with existing people with this but I in a new developmental stage. The work of trauma healing through somatic and psychotherapies, early family systems and other experiential modalities provide the deep consistent container essential to resolve issues of trauma.

I am currently developing is an innovative approach to biomimicry for human emotional design. For the next little while, I prefer to work collaboratively with new clients who have a willingness to move beyond their current paradigms and work in the more subtle dimensions of unified fields of conscious love. The transformational tools we are developing now mimic Nature's ways and require a movemnt beyond the self referencing focus of human trauma. I will reopen my availability when this developmental stage is fulfilled.

The work I offer is profoundly transformative and one must have the appropriate support systems in place to undertake it with safety. There are certain medical conditions I am not qualified or prefer not to work with.

My preference is for anyone wanting to sponsor a new person, to first discuss it with me BEFORE you make any definite invitations to potential participants to join a group. If I feel it is a fit with where I am at, we will then set up a time for me to talk with them on the phone. The sponsor can have their friend contact the host and the group's coordinator, who will also need to talk with that person.

And as always, any discussion about the materials, music and sacred practices we use will be done in person, not on the phone or in e-mails.


This work is deeply experiential and may involve experiences of powerful feelings and energetic releases. Memories can be physically re-lived, old injuries may re-experienced and sometimes there are strong physical movements associated with the awakening of intense feelings and energies. It is important to share all your relevant medical history before beginning, both with me as we begin and if you commence treatment for anything after we get to know each other.

Not all of the conditions listed below necessarily disqualify anyone from participating. I need to know how you are on many levels so we can design the correct process and environment for your experience. You may require special attention or community support or you may need to see someone else. I respect the limitations of my well being, knowledge and skill set. For the safety of every participant, please be honest and, if you have any questions, contact me.

Limiting conditions:

  • use of major medications or pharmaceuticals
  • history of cardiovascular disease, including angina, hypertension or heart attack
  • high or very low blood pressure
  • hemophilia
  • glaucoma
  • diabetes or blood sugar fluctuations
  • retinal detachment
  • osteoporosis
  • significant recent physical injuries or recent surgery
  • certain cancer and leukemia conditions
  • prostrate disease
  • liver and kidney diseases
  • strong addictions
  • history of seizure disorders
  • psychiatric hospitalization or mental illness

Folks with asthma or a history of childhood asthma, should bring their inhaler and consult with me.

If you have any infectious or communicable diseases we ask that you to avoid events while you are sick.

Certain ceremonies may be somewhat disturbing for people who are very psychically sensitive and some experiences are not advised for women who are pregnant or wanting to get pregnant.

Given the associated potential physical risks and the sensitivity of other's in the space, it is also suggested there be no drinking alcohol, smoking or use of any mind or emotionally altering substances immediately before, during or after ceremonies. Again, if you feel this may limit your participation, please talk to me directly.

The deepest mysteries have always been held within mazes, hidden passages, secret organizations, codes and across difficult terrain, for a very specific reason. The heart of the Greatest Mystery is beyond words and it can be a great challenge to not be annihilated by meeting the Source of all creation, to learn how to surrender and be embraced by It. So we go gently to begin with, developing the container that can hold such an experience by acquiring the pathways towards self-knowledge, wisdom, self-discipline and personal maturity.

It is important that we build strong containers within ourselves as we do this work. I prefer we do not operate with strict rules about confidentiality but I do encourage us all to take self-responsibility seriously as it opens up more choices about self-care and less potential for unconscious hurt of others. It is only when we have good boundaries that we can let them go and so many people have not had that chance due to all kinds of abuse and trauma.

I have found what contributes to the safety of individuals and groups so we can let go into the profound, is not talking about who attended the session. I also encourage participants to refrain from sharing about others experiences, even to those in the work, (unless they have specific permission to do so). People may be very vulnerable afterwards and it is an act of care to respect their process and boundaries, especially if you have had a great time! It also avoids a lot of judgement and misunderstanding.

Check in with others if you meet them later to discover if they are in a place to talk with you about any of your experiences, as you may not be aware of all the influences affecting them at that moment. And notice; do you loose energy when you share your experiences too freely? Leaky vessels hold little depth.

Sometimes our need to share inappropriately comes from the unconscious: the need to impress so as to be accepted; to be special by sharing special events or to try to seduce others into your world, believing you know what is best for others by getting them to join in your reality. None of these motivations are wrong, but ask yourself: Why are you talking about others? Do you, or they, have any choice about it? Is what you are doing really an act of love?

Maybe we could all do with a little more effort to be worth being known, rather than seeking to be well known.

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