Biomembering: Our Relationship With Life

There is a profound healing that occurs when we remember and connect with the consciousness of our only life support system.

I call this biomembering: bio (life) and membrum, meaning part of a group, a field, room, limb, organ or penis. It is the relationship between us and life, inside and out, physical, sexual and spiritual, as individuals and as a community. It is how we relate with Life.

We are used to thinking of ourselves as solid separate individuals yet nothing could be further from the physical and energetic truth.

Our psychological viewpoint is now as antiquated as the flat earth theory. Our bodies are more than two thirds water and even our densest structures show fluidity at the cellular level. At the atomic level we are more space than matter. If we were to squeeze all the space out of our atoms we would be tiny, about the size of the head of a pin. We are not as solid as we think.

And as for separate, 99.9% of all our DNA is the same as every other human being. Only 0.1% of our DNA makes us appear separate from anyone else! And the majority of our DNA is the same as other animals, plants and even mushrooms, the oldest life form on this planet.

  • Consider the air you breathe, created from sunlight by every green leaf, flowing to you and out again, to be breathed in by other people and animals all over the Earth and finally reabsorbed by those same plants and trees.
  • The water that constitutes the majority of your body falls as dew, rain and snow, seeps through the Earth to rivers and groundwater where we harness it and drink it. Then it flows back out to sea to evaporate and cycles down again. This water flows through ALL living things.
  • The matter that constitues our bodies comes from the planet but originally it came from exploding stars eons ago. Whenever it happens, as stardust we will return to dust.

We are so connected in the web of Life. Most of our physical and emotional suffering, including our existential angst, is because we believe and act as if we are separate. But there is hope.

Trauma happens. The best way to stop it from happening again and again is to self care, for it is through nurturing that the restoration of beauty begins.

In general, women naturally have well-developed capacities for empathy and for nurturing; men have more developed capacities for the perception of space, distances and speed. There are differences between the genders. When we consider the destruction of the world, people do not appreciate that there is a biological imperative for the feminine to bring things together, to give and nurture life, and for the masculine to create the balance by separating and by being the hunters and destroyers. When we are so out of balance, as we are now, we threaten our own survival as a species by being predominately masculine.

In the last three generations of civilization, we have tried to obliterate the biological template that allows women to be feminine: to give birth to children naturally, to breast-feed them for as long as both babies and mothers actually need and to enter old age with health and dignity with natural hormonal balance (see the Wiley Protocol). Women have become very vulnerable to advertising and misinformation propagated by the medical and health industries, and by both the corporate and feminist definitions of what it means to be a woman. This has caused a distortion in women's relationship to their own bodies and a fundamental erosion of the value of the feminine principles of the love and care for life.

Many women in the so called civilized countries give birth to their children in a manner which is creating a horrific legacy for our children and our cultures. Women now age with a multitude of 'dis-eases' caused by a lack of education about female biology. In war torn countries, women bear the brunt of torture, abuse, starvation and slavery. When the nurturers of the world are not able to nurture themselves and be cherished by their men, the world is out of balance and suffering results.

There are profound shifts afoot across the globe with people working to integrate their feminine and masculine energies and create balance through bio-remembering. The reeducation of women about their own biology is critical to the rehabilitation and restoration of our life cherishing principles.

New fields of study including eco-psychology are merging environmental awareness with psychological healing.

When we really ponder the web of life, we realize that we are so connected to each other and to all of life that there are only tragic consequences to think otherwise. We still have a long way to go to address the reductionism and adversarial attitudes of our times to restore the industrialized human psyche to its natural rightful relationship with this world. Or perhaps it is as close as a step through the doorway of the heart?

In the search for life sustaining manufacturing, transportation and energy processes, biomimicry is leading the way.

There are new applications of nature's incredible structures and processes being found today as we desperately seek the means to continue our survival as a species. Life has already solved these problems in ways that are more elegant, non-polluting and better than anything we have come up with in our technological brilliance. Imagine:

  • Methods of farming that are not only organic and sustainable but more productive than our petrochemical farms.
  • Organic glues that work in water; spider silk and other fibers stronger than kevlar and iridescent paints with no heavy metals, toxic pigments or polluting manufacturing processes.
  • Computers that are made of carbon not silica and process information with exquisitely diverse designs.
  • Incredible nano-towers with paint-on thin films that can capture sunlight and process it directly to appliances, in the same way that plants capture energy during photosynthesis.
  • Animals know how to find the medicines they need amongst the vast array of plants in the rainforests and oceans. They even know how to regulate their reproduction through what they eat. What if we can learn from them what we have forgotten.

These are just some of the wonders emerging from the union of our most advanced sciences with the greatest scientist of all, Mother Nature. I am hopeful and very inspired by the evolution of consciousness that is happening in these arenas.

There is now a growing movement called Industrial Ecology, which measures the full cost of transforming raw materials into products and recognizes that economics and ecosystems are essentially the same.

Having sponsored industrial, business, cultural and religious values that saw the Earth as an unlimited resource for consumption, we now know the truth. The full cost of what we have been doing to ourselves and the environment are finally beginning to be included in the economic process.

There are fresh incentives being formulated for businesses to go green, not just because it is the competitive thing to do or because they could go to jail if they don't do it. It is also the right thing to do and consumers are responding. Now that's my version of sacred shopping!

Many major international corporations are leading the way, consulting with biologists, environmental scientists and social justice leaders to understand the full benefit of natural resource usage. The levels of investments into innovative green technologies in now in the billions of dollars.

Another emerging idea in the west, is that places have souls and that these energies infuse us and effect us.

Indigenous peoples have always appreciated this fact and garnered knowledge and wisdom to honor their relationships with the land. Places became healing centers and sacred sites whilst others were known to harbor evil spirits and were avoided. Just because it was described as a subjective experience, in the past it was dismissed as superstition and judged uncivilized. It seems so ironic to me. We are the ones who have been living in denial of ancient truths.

Indigenous peoples practice sustainable agriculture, giving thanks for the bounty of the land with offerings as well as gardening organically. The best food I have ever eaten was simple vegetable soup, grown in Andean soil that had been farmed and prayed over for thousands of years. It tasted of a love so alive that reverent silence was the only possible response!

There is a direct relationship between our ill health and how we live:

  • Breathing in the air and all its miasmas, we now see an epidemic of asthma and lack of ability to feel the depth of what is happening around us. When we stop breathing deeply, we stop feeling.
  • Our topsoil and fertile land has been destroyed through industrial farming, logging and mining practices, and we suffer a pervasive emptiness in our food, a shallowness in our lives and a blindness to the damage we support. We lack the deep roots of connection, which leaves us feeling depressed and isolated.
  • By scouring our homes with a plethora of cleaning products, we ignore the fact that the majority of these products are toxic to our bodies and our soil. We are now so over scented that we can no longer even detect feelings through our senses.
  • Concrete and tar keep us separate from the very substance of our life support, the Earth, and we wonder at the prevalence of crime and psychosis.
  • We cover ourselves in sunscreens, unaware that many of them cause skin cancer. Such is our susceptibility to marketing and fear of what we ourselves have created. I see so many people suffer from a lack of healthy boundries, people who act as if what is bad for them is OK. Yet Life would not exist on this planet if it weren't for the atmosphere creating a safe boundary between us and the sun, and we are destroying it.
  • We saturate ourselves with dead, plasticized and polluted water instead of making clean, fresh water. Thus is the most critical political, industrial and human rights issue of our times. Believing what corporations tell us, we nolonger trust our own needs or know how to deeply care for ourselves or our children.

Terrapsychology explores the ways we absorb the spiritual properties of the environment around us (whether we are aware of it or not) as our very souls and psyches are penetrated by the unhappiness or the delights of the places where we live. Everything we see, smell, touch, taste  and hear becomes part of us. This is reflected in our feeling bodies as well as our physical bodies.

Is it any wonder that so many people feel afraid, or have a vague (and at times not so vague) feeling that something is wrong. Many people internalize this and believe something is wrong with them. Constant concerns about personal safety or national security may be appropriate given the way the Earth is responding to the way we have treated Her. With the ever increasing frequencies of violent hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes, perhaps our psychological disturbances and spiritual agonies are not just ours alone. What if the pervasive feelings of conflict that beleaguer our hearts and relationships are also those of the souls of our own backyards, the very Earth we forgetfully walk upon every day, crying into us to make amends?

There is a wealth of information available about making eco-friendly choices and what can be done to arrest climate change. However recent findings say it is already too late.

At a high-level academic conference on global warming at Exeter University in England in December 2008, it was announced that carbon emissions in the last eight years have risen much faster than anyone thought possible, driven mainly by the coal-fueled economic boom in the developing world. The current situation is so bad that even previous worst case scenarios are now considered gross underestimates. The forests and oceans are already saturated and cannot absorb the increasing CO2. We are in for even bigger climate changes and soon.

We need a shift in consciousness and we need it fast. The good news it is happening! On 10/10/2010, there were 7,347 events around the globe in 188 countries where people got to work on the climate crisis.

It is time to take full individual responsibility for every energy consuming choice we make and put the utmost pressure on corporations and governments at all levels to respond NOW.  Support the corporations that are making the changes you want to see.

If we fully consider the implications of our radically changing Earth, it becomes obvious that we need to align with the consciousness that is this planet in order to become the most adaptable and responsive creatures we can become and survive the coming changes.

It has been my experience and those I am working with that the spiritual consciousness of Life is just waiting for us to pay attention to it, so that  IT can bring us into greater alignment with what is natural, healthy and loving, under any condition. There are so many ways to do this and Life already gives us all we need; it is the best guide you can have.

Under the pressure of the imminent, human beings have an amazing capacity to respond to crisis and I see evidence of that around me. The serious existential questions such as "What I am I going to do with my life?" take on a whole new definition when considered in the light of our rapidly changing Home.

Life feels its way into creation so, by remembering on a feeling level our original connection with our own soul and that of this world, we can come into relationship with the incredible vastness of the consciousness that constitutes this web of Life. It is the experience of the most profound awakening to the illusion of separation. All we need to do is set our intentions, focus our attention deeply into the heart, relax and listen.

When we are ready, Life is waiting for us to help resolve our deepest fears and greatest hopes. Imagine addressing your separation anxieties from this perspective. Imagine feeling safe in this world, deeply at peace with yourself and your life in amongst all this change. The bliss we seek is already here.

Life does have the answers we are searching for and our task is to ask the right questions and then pay attention, like a lover excitedly awaiting the arrival of her beloved. Relax, soften, become still ... and listen, with all your heart.