White jasmine - Jasminum officinale, the scent of romance

Night blooming jasmine - Cestrum nocturnum, justly called the Queen of the Night

Star jasmine - Trachelospermum jasminoides, Confederate jasmine. Intoxicating scent

Potentials of this work
We can't always choose what life presents to us but we can learn to develop multifaceted perspectives and change our response to what happens. This work is an invitation to learn how to surrender suffering and open to making loving integral choices.

Some of the benefits of doing this work are shared here. Whatever it is that specifically calls you to seek guidance and help, know that there are many pathways to follow to reclaim your wellness and wholeness. Together we will find the ones that work best for you.


  • Understand how awakening happens so that you can grow and resolve your issues in a balanced way.
  • Learn powerful pathways that free you from the source of compulsive and destructive emotional patterns.
  • Expand your capacities for honesty, integrity, intimacy, love and joy.
  • Develop a relaxed positive self image based on your relationship with your authentic Self.
  • Experience wholeness and let go the ideas of perfection and separation.


  • Explore the dance of conscious relationship.
  • Uncover the hidden blocks that prevent you from finding your partner and prepare for your next love relationship.
  • Delve into the mysteries of sacred relationship, finding what it means to be truly connected.
  • Learn about sacred sexuality and the scope of deep intimacy and sexual love.
  • Allow yourself to grieve, forgive and embrace lost loved ones, be they people, pets or places and open your heart to love again.


  • Experience the true nature of unconditional love and how it defines human love, with all its limitations.
  • Choose the disciplines and practices that allow you to integrate your experiences in ways that open you to the possibilities of life.
  • Surrender in feminine ways to the stillness that is at the core of your Being and listen to it as a way of navigating life.
  • Feel the interconnectedness of all life, throughout many dimensions and rest in the experience of Source as home.


  • Awaken your innate creativity and imagination as sources of pleasure as well as accurate guidance in your life.
  • Let yourself play, laugh, sing and dance to the music of your life force, free from inhibitions and constrictions.
  • Open the wellspring of your soul and give voice to the mystery within you.
  • Imagine your life into Being and learn to play again within the dynamic flow of life consciousness.


  • Seek and surrender to your unique calling which is at the heart of a soul satisfying life.
  • Free your soul to play within the dance of life.
  • Discover the joys of a journey centered way of living so that you move into a natural flow with challenging life and death transitions.


With the growing concerns about global warming, many people are now aware we must make a shift in consciousness, and fast, if are to recoil from the brink of our own extinction.

  • Remember, feel and become guided by your innate connection to our planet in a very personal way and discover your personal response to this collective need.
  • Overcome the fear of alienation and re-establish trust and right relationship with the plants and animals around you.
  • Recognize and learn to appreciate the natural life rhythms of creation and destruction, of life and death.
  • Hear the latest scientific research, the good news and work with current knowledge to waylay the ignorance of fear.
  • Let go of the constant anxiety of living in an Earth polluting culture.


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