About Namae Ntumae (B.App.Sc.)

Originally from Australia, Namae was born on a Bonza Bottler Day, which is the same day as the number of the month. Bonza Bottler day was created to to celebrate life by having a party or at least by making the day a happy joyful occasion for friends, family and all people.

Through her own deep healing and her constant search for answers to life's big questions, Namae has extensively played with and studied the feminine pathways of energy, conscious growth, awareness and sexuality by directly experiencing these inner and outer realms of love, joy and consciousness.

She has over thirty years of experience in emotional development counseling, experiential psychotherapies, shamanic breathwork, spiritual healing, shamanic practices, eco-psychology and tantra. Her work demonstartes that there are indeed, many Bonza Bottler Days.

In 1980, Namae graduated from the University of Technology, in Sydney becoming one of the first environmental biologists in Australia. Throughout her life, she has found teachers and mentors in a wide range of disciplines, women and men who quietly walked the talk of their work in daily life.

Her love and understanding of the interconnectedness of all life has permeated all her other forms of work, including with environmental groups, consumer affairs advocacy and management consulting in the governments of Tasmania and Victoria in Australia. She wrote "Our Wildlife in Peril" as a member of the Endangered Species Committee of the Total Environment Center and created a womens' landscape design and gardening company.

Whilst in Australia, she co-created Sunheart Sanctuary, a seven acre holistic breath work center in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney. There she restored the property and gardens whilst deeply transforming her own inner landscapes. The center became a venue for workshops and Namae moved into the gardening of souls in her therapy practice.

In 1998 Namae heeded the call to go "walk-about", traveling the world to experience the freedom of life without attachments and to discover what it means to become a citizen of the planet. She eventually settled on Maui, trained as an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator and worked as a dakini for seven years, teaching sacred sexuality in seminars and sessions with individuals and couples.

Her continuous investigation of love as a mystery school has led Namae into some interesting and complex relationships. She has had two official marriages and two unofficial ones, each an imersion into a specific aspect of love according to the four directions. She danced the path of western tantric polyamory, lived the life of a hermit in the forest and practiced celibacy by choice. By nature she is an ambivert, someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion when with people.

Gifted with a keen sense of insight and commitment to awakening, Namae knew at the age of fourteen that, given the choice, she would not pass on to another generation the patterns of emotional turmoil and suffering inherited in this lifetime. So when she found herself a step mother to two children, aged five and two, her natural instincts for caring engendered a surprisingly deep response to the challenge and she loved raising them for fourteen years.

Namae has also been a restitution mother by caring for the inner child of hundreds of adults as they learned how to care for themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. She has received the Beating Heart  Award for her contribution to the acceptance of contraction as a essential feminine part of our life cycles. She lives a deep connection with the Earth as mother of us all, providing a deep, safe, resonant field that supports others to find their own way to remembering how to become Love.

Namae loves to play with new technologies, both within the heart and externally, designing web sites (including this one) and making films. Her love of creativity, fantasy of all kinds and moving movies informs her work and taps into the evolving consiousness of scientists, artists, musicians, writers and explorers of new realities. She continues her experiential studies as an apprentice to the Great Mystery and works with a cooperative network of close, conscious peers. Her most important teacher is change and the Intelligence of Life.

Namae currently lives in Portland, Oregon and travels regularly to the east and west coast of the States. She has also won the Nebulous Award for the most disappearances during travel. Her Mary Poppins bag has been recognized as the most protected container of wonderous treasures. Her hobbies include seducing old world roses to bloom all year round and reading more paranormal and fantasy books than is humanly possible.