Namae Ntumae of Santa Barbara

"Quietly go to work on your own self awareness.
If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself.
If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world,
then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself.
Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of
your own self-transformation."

                                                                     -Lao Tzu

With her gifts of deep listening and empathy, Namae Ntumae offers to guide you in accelerating your emotional, physical and spiritual learning by reconnecting you with the source of your own original, essential wisdom.

Namae's diverse skills are a part of today's integral shamanic evolution, liberated from rote ritual, spiritual dogma or any singular form of therapy. She combines up to the minute scientific knowledge and understandings of consciousness, environmental awareness, ancient mystical wisdom, relationship help and sacred sexuality teachings with intuition, humor, imagination and practical common sense.

Her methods draw upon a wide range of creative processes: emotional development, shamanic journeys, direct relationship with the Earth, holotrophic breathwork, tantra yoga, gestalt, body movement and spontaneity, psychodrama, dreamwork, imagination as conscious creation, sandplay, integrated meditations, stillness, surrender and, most importantly, play. She creates themes and utilizes the wisdom of nature as well as music, films, natural herbal supplements and other technologies to create unique learning environments to enhance Self awareness and harmony.

Namae creates a generous space of safety, integrity and genuine care for you to rediscover your authentic Self and find your own paths to more connection, creativity, love, wholeness and acceptance. She weaves your unique healing journey with you, allowing you to re-create and imagine yourself anew; to remember and express your passion and right place in this world and to heal and enhance your relationships. Her work reflects the wonder and sanity of nature and the life force as primary teachers for us all.

With over 35 years of profound inner and outer transformational experience, Namae holds a resonant field that reflects her commitment to walk the talk, as well as sharing effective transformational tools for those who wish to awaken to, and co-operate with, the fullness of love and the intelligence of life.

Like this work, this site offers in depth time to explore yourself. Walk the spiral of the site map to discover just some of the issues and areas you can explore with her. Sessions are available in various locations as seen on her Calendar.

"This site is an expression of my appreciation of the power of beauty to heal and awaken love.
Each page is an invitation for you to sense the fragrance of your own soul,
which is wonder-full.

Click on the thumbnails to imagine the sweet perfumes and sensations.
Take a moment to pause in the space at the end of the page,
lingering a moment in the stillness beyond words . . . "
~ Namae